Estate Agent Partnership

Sell more properties offering financing

1 ) Get your reservation fee fast

With a pre-approval from a bank the customer is ready to go forward with the reservation and the purchase. We know the customer is hot therefore our FREE 48 hour service is a great help.

2 ) Pre-approval before arrival

If you can help a customer with their financing needs even before he/she comes down to Spain he/she will view properties with a lot more confidence – knowing the real budget. Use your mailing or FB campaigns to reach and prepare customers in advance.

3 ) Generate more leads

Get a new kind of leads from your website visitors, communicating that you partner with MyBankFriend to help your customers with their financing questions, concens and needs. This will strengthen your company’s brand in the market.

Earn 20% commission

MyBankFriend does not charge the buyers for a pre-approval (we may offer a paid premium service later on) but get our revenue from the bank if/when the buyer signs an actual mortgage.

We offer a 20% commission on the income we get from the banks if/when we do. Thus, if we make money you make money. If we don’t make money we will still do the work.

Our commission does not affect the buyer’s fees or costs associated with the mortgage – our revenue comes out of the bank’s profit and has no impact on the buyer.

Let’s do business! Jimmy Heino, CEO, MyBankFriend